Our Big Goal

We Need More People

Here in Southland, we’ve got a simple but significant future problem.

The number of people living in Southland is shrinking as a proportion of New Zealand’s total population. If we don’t do something, by 2025 Southland’s population will be 1.8% of New Zealand’s population - not 2.3% as we are now.

As the population shrinks, it’ll become more difficult to maintain the quality of life we all like and want.

This action-oriented two-year programme tackles the issue. It was commissioned by the Mayoral Forum in late 2014. The Forum recognised that a single-minded, united and action-oriented approach would give Southland the best opportunity for a brighter future.

It’s simple. Southland needs a solid social and economic base. More people is the key to economic growth, skilled workers, vibrant communities, a better lifestyle and improved health, education and social services in Southland.

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